Oregon Solarworks has experience designing and installing a variety of solar water pumping systems. We can help you to meet all of your water delivery and supply needs using any variety of solar water pumping systems. We can evaluate your water source and provide you with a cost effective and efficient means of delivering that water to the location where the water will be used. We can design your system to provide water during daylight while the sun is shinning or at night and in cloudy weather with the help of a battery back up system.

Solar water pumping is an ideal source of water when your utility power is far away. Typically a solar water pumping system pumps a smaller volume of water instantaneously than a grid connected pumping system. This is useful if you have a water source that does not have a strong recharge rate. Typically the most water is delivered on days when the sun is shining and your water consumption is greatest, particularly in domestic applications such as, landscaping, or livestock. Most solar water pumping systems are not connected to a battery bank, keeping the costs low and the design simple. Simpler systems typically translates into less things to fail over time. We can work with deep wells or shallow wells, we can pump from surface water or simply add pressure to water stored at the same level as it is being used.

Give us a call today and let us help to meet your water needs with a clean, quiet and efficient solar water pumping system. All our water pumping systems are designed using industry leading name brands such as Grundfos, Shurflo, SunPump, Dankoff and Highlifter. In nearly all cases we can help you qualify for significant tax credits at both state and federal level making the systems very affordable. We design and install systems to meet all your off grid water needs in commercial, ranching and residential applications.