At Oregon Solarworks we design and install micro hydro systems which convert the power in the falling water on your property into useable electricity for your off the grid or grid tied electric system. If you are fortunate enough to have a water supply that is sufficient for a micro hydro system we can help you to determine the amount of power you will be able to harvest, the best route to channel your water towards the turbine, and the appropriate sized battery and inverter system to best utilize your power source.

We will need from you some input such as any seasonal variations in water supply, type of terrain, details regarding any water rights, and your energy needs. We will analyze your site to determine the amount of vertical drop you have available and the volume of water that is useful. A general rule of thumb regarding the amount of power you have available at a site is: multiply the gallons per minute of water by the vertical feet of drop and then divide the result by  eleven to get your expected potential watts of system output. There are exceptions and we also take into account seasonal fluctuations of the water source, if any, into account when determining the energy available.  We look forward to working with you on your hydro electric project.