Oregon Solarworks offers professional site surveys to help determine the feasibility of installing a solar electric system at your home or business. Each site survey includes a detailed estimate of a solar system custom tailored to your location, budget and energy requirements. Also included is a comprehensive report of what tax credits, rebates, and other incentives your PV system may qualify for. We offer a number of different types of site surveys.


We schedule a visit to your site and perform a thorough analysis of your site’s solar potential. Using our Solmetric shade analysis tool. We will provide you with a detailed report of the monthly impact of shading through all four seasons. We will take tilt angle and orientation of the array into consideration when analyzing your power production potential. We will quantify the amount of solar electric production your site is capable of developing based on types of solar electric panels and the layout of the panels. We will also address any site specific interconnection or structural issues. Site visits are free with no obligation.


Site survey will be the same as in a straight grid tied system. In addition we will compile a load analysis to determine your battery storage requirements and energy production requirements. Please be prepared to discuss your energy needs, usage patterns and back up requirements as we will use this data to determine your system sizing as each user and location is unique. We will provide you with a detailed estimate taking all of the above information into account. We will clearly outline your tax credit, rebate and potential grant eligibility. Site visits are free with no obligation.


As with our on grid options we take solar resource measurements to determine the solar production capabilities.  We will take note of your loads and design a solar array, inverter based power system and a battery bank to best meet your energy production and consumption needs. The system will be tailored to as much as possible to fit within your budget. Site visits are free with no obligation.